Reduce Truck Rolls and Poor Customer Service Ratings

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March 4, 2019

Isn’t it frustrating when your brand new broadband customers get stuck at the first hurdle? Let’s imagine the experience for a second. After switching from your competitors, your new customers finally receive their router and now all they want to do is get connected. Don’t risk letting their onboarding experience ruin their relationship with your brand within the first few minutes.

...first impressions are fairly accurate and stand the test of time...” - Forbes

Don’t leave these vital first impressions to chance, walk your customers through the onboarding process with a fully customizable onboarding wizard including configuration specific solutions, diagrams and videos. An interactive app beats any static guide. An onboarding app can automatically detect problems and recommend fixes every step of the way, making the process as painless as possible.

This is all very good for your Digital Natives but how do you help those who still get stuck at the first stage, or prefer the human touch and will always start with a phone call? This is where a remote support solution is needed – one that goes beyond the capabilities network-based tools like ACS and leverages the customer’s mobile phone to let your call centre operatives see where things are really going wrong.

The latest self-service and remote support apps are simple to use and drive much faster positive outcomes. They can even help when broadband is down.

Bad news…the router is still down. What next? Don’t worry, you don’t need to send out an engineer for an expensive truck roll. A remote support app will bridge the connection from your customer services team to your customer's router using their mobile phone. Your customer service team can then identify any configuration errors, or use the smartphone's camera (with the customer’s permission) to make a visual inspection of the cabling – by far the most common cause of onboarding problems.

A modern broadband remote troubleshooting solution is like dropping your technical support agents right into the customer’s home

Two minutes later, your customer service operator has identified a miss-connected cable or a missing password and your brand new customer goes away connected and happy. A remote support solution allows your team to immediately see which stage your customer is stuck at, the steps they've taken to mitigate it and promises to deliver superior customer service in the minimum amount of time, all the time.

If this sounds like a game-changer for your tech support team and your customers, why not contact Support Robotics to see what their next-generation support tools can do.  We think you’ll be impressed.

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