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Simple, smart support for broadband, wi-fi and mobile devices

Improve handling times and self-care with our app-based support tools and contact center portal

Step up your support with our software

Support Robotics enhances your entire support journey for mobile and broadband devices. With our device care app and portal, you can offer more self-service, better remote support, and faster in-store services.

Why choose us?

Simplify Troubleshooting

REDUCE Returns

STREAMLINE Trade-ins and upgrades

We can help you...

Provide better support experiences

Our solutions offer you the chance to provide omnichannel support to your customers. From the automated self-service app, through to real-time agent support, our tools help create a seamless support experience. 

Simple by design, both our app and agent portal make handling support issues easy both customers and your staff.

Speed up average handling time

If customers need to talk to someone, our device care app hands customers over to one of your in-store or remote customer service agents.

It’s totally seamless. Your agents automatically get all the data collected from the app, together with the remote support tools they need to keep average handling times to a minimum and improve first contact resolution.

Provide customer support 24/7

Over 60% of consumers want to self-serve where they can. Our device care app empowers them to resolve issues at any time around the clock, taking the pressure off your contact centers.

Anyone can use it – no technical expertise needed. It guides them through complex processes step by step, finding and fixing issues along the way.

Reduce returns and save costs

Unnecessary returns are expensive. Our platform prevents them with automated diagnostics and minimal data entry for assured compliance.

You’ll reduce the devices arriving at your warehouse with 'no fault found', so you save money, improve the customer experience, and lower potential wastage.

Broadband & Wi-Fi

Our software makes technical support easier for ISPs and their customers, across the whole home network and Wi-Fi environment.

  • Give customers more self-service options with automated home network diagnostics
  • Provide remote support that’s as good as a site visit with our agent portal and companion app
  • Help customers even when broadband is down
  • Designed to complement existing tools
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Self-service, in-store, contact center – with Support Robotics, MNOs get consistent mobile device care across all channels, for the whole device lifecycle.
  • Make troubleshooting trouble-free and avoid unnecessary returns with wire-free diagnostics
  • Help customers do more for themselves with self-care that won’t disappoint
  • Optimize in-store processes for trade-ins and upgrades with our smart wizards
  • Save time and improve compliance with automated checks
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“Telstra selected the Support Robotics platform to address a business need – to enhance and automate customer care experiences across different contact channels with a more modern, flexible solution. We are delighted with the performance of the platform and the support we have received.”

Mark Yarnall -
General Manager Device Services - Telstra Corporation

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