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MNO Client Testimonial

Telstra selected the Support Robotics platform to address a business need – to enhance and automate customer care experiences across different contact channels with a more modern, flexible solution. We have already delivered on a number of business initiatives and are planning more. We are delighted with the performance of the platform and the support we have received.
Mark Yarnall - General Manager Device Services, Telstra Corporation

How we’re different

Support Robotics set out to be different, to challenge the norm and transform customer service for smartphones and other connected devices. Your customers deserve the best.

Low cost deployment

Leveraging low-cost scalable cloud infrastructure and an open architecture, our products are quick to deploy and easy to integrate with other customer care systems. Total cost of ownership is much reduced versus traditional systems.

Fully customisable

We don't expect to dictate the way you work, so our workflow editor offers you complete flexibility to customise our pre-built templates and adjust the end-to-end experience to match your standard procedures now and in future.

Seamless experience

By employing web technologies, we have designed our products to be deployed on almost any device, delivering the same great experience across channels, via a self-service app on a smartphone, in-store or from a call centre.

Fully integrated

Support Robotics records data at every stage of the customer journey so full details of the device, tests and results are available at each contact point. No time is wasted in retyping data, meaning fewer data errors and less user frustration.

Key platform features

The Support Robotics Platform is hosted in the cloud to provide a cost-effective route to refreshing your customer service capabilities, without disruption to core systems. It is quick to deploy, multi-channel by design and perfectly suited to an agile program of CX transformation.

Workflow engine

Every client has their own ideas of how support procedures should flow. Support Robotics provides a powerful workflow editor to make customisation simple.

Advanced diagnostics

Allow a user or service agent to identify problems caused by user-error or hardware faults. Run tests in the background to resolve intermittent issues.

Reporting & analytics

Get actionable insights from data - Which devices and OS versions have the highest fault rates? What percentage of issues are resolved at each contact point?

Omni-channel delivery

Developed using web technologies, our application can be deployed on almost any device or web browser, allowing it to serve users and staff at every contact point.

White-label apps

Our mobile apps empower the user with intuitive self-service procedures. They can be branded as standalone apps, or embedded in your own customer care app.

Chatbot integration

Our chatbot can handle a wide range of customer requests. It helps to advise users with processes such as troubleshooting, trade-in and repair.

User stories


People increasingly prefer to use self-service ahead of other channels.

Using a carrier-branded customer care app, the user is guided through a simple series of tests to fix the most common problems.

Background tests can be initiated to investigate intermittent faults and at any time, the app can hand-over to an in-store assistant or call centre...

Mobile retailer

Ensure that your customer service agents are utilised in the optimum way by encouraging self-service, leveraging chatbots and using software robotics to automate troubleshooting.

As Support Robotics is integrated with your other systems, when a user visits a store or contacts a call-centre, agents already have full details of tests previously conducted, so no time is wasted.

Reverse logistics

Initiate repairs, trade-ins and other processes from the self-service app or the web portal and view test results, fault reports and other relevant information at all stages

Further improve efficiency by integrating with existing systems to improve efficiency and reduce errors - for example, automated stock-checking for self-service replacements or trade-ins.

About us

Our company

Based in Cambridge, one of the UK's main technology and innovation hubs, our team brings an innovative spirit and a wealth of knowledge and experience to the challenge of improving customer care for end-users and suppliers of smartphones and other connected devices.

Our mission

By applying our experience and a fresh digital approach, we will deliver customer care solutions that are truly game-changing.

Leadership team

Mobile industry specialists

Since the earliest days of the smartphone business, our team has worked with many of the world's leading smartphone manufacturers, often 'under the hood', where they gained unique insights into the workings of these complex devices.

Steve Holland

Steve manages the business. He joined from a leading management consultancy where he helped corporate clients with digital transformation, enterprise mobility and SaaS. This experience is underpinned by two decades in mobile product development.

Steve Holland
Emlyn Howell
Chief Product Officer

Emlyn leads our product innovation team where we create our vision of next generation customer support. His inspiration comes from many years of designing and delivering solutions for the world’s leading device manufacturers and carriers.

Emlyn Howell
Chief Product Officer
Billy Gibson

Billy turns visions into robust and performant products. Leading our team that combine current and leading edge technologies, his focus is always on creating quality products that delight our customers.

Billy Gibson

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