About Support Robotics

We’re on a mission to make device care better

We know how frustrating today’s mobile and broadband support services often are – we’ve experienced them first-hand.

Self-service is in demand, but usually disappoints, offering little more than online guides. Agents struggle to resolve issues efficiently because of the disparate tools they use. Compliance should be automatic, but processes are often hard to follow, causing needless returns and costly callouts.

Our mission is to fix this whole experience. That’s why we developed a smart app and web portal that offers more self-service options, a seamless handover to agents, and the tools to resolve issues faster while reducing returns.


    Meet the team

    Based in Cambridge, a major UK hub of innovation, we’ve spent years getting under the hood of mobile and home network devices, gaining unique insights into how they work.

    Steve Holland


    Steve manages the business. He has over two decade’s experience in telecoms and mobile product development.

    Prior to Support Robotics, he helped clients at a top management consultancy with digital transformation, enterprise mobility and IoT.

    Emlyn Howell

    Chief Product Officer

    Emlyn leads our product innovation team. He helps shape our vision for better product support.

    He’s got many years of experience in designing and delivering solutions for some of the world’s leading device manufacturers and telcos.

    Billy Gibson


    Billy takes our vision and turns it into robust, high-performing products.

    As our Chief Technical Officer, he ensures we’re using robust, state-of-the-art tech to create the best solutions for our customers.

    See simpler, smarter device care in action

    Discover a better way to support your customers. Get in touch to arrange a free demo of our solutions.
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