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Modernize your mobile customer service with our device care app and web portal

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    One solution for all your mobile support channels

    With Support Robotics, your customers get more options for smart self-service. Your agents can provide a quicker in-store experience – and you can ensure a seamless handover from self-service to mobile remote support. All with our flexible, easy-to-deploy device care app and web portal.
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      What you get with Support Robotics

      Trouble-free troubleshooting

      Most customers want to help themselves or have their problem solved quickly by an agent. Reduce helpdesk calls and fix issues in moments with automated troubleshooting.
      • Intelligent wizards – Customers and agents can resolve most common device or settings issues swiftly and easily with our wizards
      • Simple self-service app – Our device care app guides customers through the troubleshooting process step by step
      • Secure wireless tools – Help your in-store and remote agents speed up customer care by running device diagnostics wirelessly

      Reliable returns avoidance

      No Fault Found (NFF) returns are costly. Our software helps prevent them, making your returns process more efficient.
      • Smart device diagnostics – Dozens of automated checks verify genuine faults, meaning fewer NFFs and faster returns
      • Omnichannel design – We support in-store, contact center, and self-service returns. Customers can even start with self-service and finish in-store
      • Comprehensive self-service options – Customers have the option to self-serve for the whole returns journey
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      Streamlined trade-ins and upgrades

      The demand for mobile trade-in and upgrades is growing rapidly. We make these services smoother, helping you drive new business, reduce handling times, and improve compliance.
      • Automated valuation – Using comprehensive tests, our software can identify, assess, and grade devices for valuation
      • Self-service support – Our self-service app helps customers decide the best time to trade in their device
      • Effortless migration – Transfer data easily between iOS and Android with our leading data transfer tool
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      Why our mobile support tools stand out

      Automated device diagnostics that anyone can use without training

      Totally wireless operation - no special hardware required

      Web and app based – very low cost of deployment

      See better mobile customer service first-hand

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