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Video Demos

Troubleshooting broadband and Wi-Fi issues using self-care and remote diagnostic tools

Slow Speeds

This video demonstrates the use of Support Robotics' remote diagnostic tools to help a customer who is reporting slow speeds (due to poor Wi-Fi).
  • Useful Information. The software interrogates the customer's network and CPE (router) to provide information about the customer's environment.
  • Automated Testing. We test internet speeds and Wi-Fi speed separately.  This tells us whether Wi-Fi is a bottleneck at the customer's current location.
  • Walking Wi-Fi Survey.  An invaluable tool for showing a customer how their available speeds are affected by the Wi-Fi signal around their home.

Broadband Down

In this video, we demonstrate how Support Robotics' remote diagnostic tools can help to resolve issues with router settings and cabling, using mobile data when broadband is down.
  • Camera sharing. Using our live connection to the customer's phone, we can ask the customer to share photos of cabling and router siting.
  • Image library. Agents can easily share diagrams and instructions with customers during the support session, directly to their app.
  • Remote router access. Agents can remotely access the admin console of the customer's router to check logs, change settings and reboot.

Self-Service Troubleshooting

Lastly, we demonstrate how the Support Robotics apps help customers to resolve technical issues by themselves, with fully automated diagnostics and Wi-Fi survey tools.
  • Automated self-test. Our self test analyses the customer's network to identify common problem scenarios.
  • No jargon. The apps are designed to be used by all customers, so there is no jargon or technical detail, just simple guidance.
  • Educate and advise. The apps help customers to understand their situation, then offer helpful advice on corrective action.