It’s time for customer support that lets you try new things easier

75 %

Millennials are 75% more comfortable interacting with chatbots

88 %

Solving problems in one interaction is a priority for 88% of customers

70 %

70% expect to see a self service application on the company website

The business of customer support is changing. Good old tried and tested customer support services have had their day and a smarter approach to better customer service is on its way.

But in an industry that’s already languishing in the lower regions of the customer satisfaction index, change can be risky.

Confidence only comes when you know that the new support systems you deploy today are equipped to protect the investments you’ve already made.

The Support Robotics platform creates a wrapper around your existing systems and the user’s mobile device, providing enhanced, integrated capabilities across channels.

Hosted in the cloud to provide a cost-effective route to new customer service capabilities, the platform is deployed quickly without disrupting existing core systems.

The Support Robotics customer care platform is designed for integration and is fully configurable to your processes


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