It’s time to reboot customer service in telco

1 in 4 customers want self service convenience

Forrester research tells us that 75% of telecoms customers say self service is a convenient way to address the service issues they have.

40% say they only opt to use a call centre after they’ve tried to resolve their issue via self service and 91% said they’d use online resolution options if they were available and personalised to their needs.

Today’s consumers are tech savvy. They expect the service providers they deal with to embrace technological change as readily as they do themselves. That’s why “extending and enhancing customer self-service options” has become the the number one industry trend identified in telecoms support today.

At Support Robotics we think customer service needs to be able to flex as fast as customer demand.

As customers opt-out of traditional call centre support our mission is to spearhead the new generation of virtual agents, chatbots and self service options customers expect to use successfully to deliver better outcomes at their earliest convenience.

Seamless omnichannel support gives users maximum flexibility without frustration or duplication of effort


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