Resolving issues within 24 hours is history

33 %

33% of customers are willing to pay a premium for support that allows them to troubleshoot on their own

8 %

Omnichannel is a top priority for customer service managers, but just 8% have all channels connected.

72 %

72% of companies fail to collect data to review and optimise journey patterns

Today’s customers demand
omni-channel flexibility 

When customers can interact with brands online, via apps and on the phone it makes them happy.

For years now, the telecoms industry has languished in the bottom quarter of the NPS Benchmarks top 20 industries chart.

Meanwhile companies like Amazon, Starbucks and Tesla have been born, grown, and matured into some of the highest rated businesses in the world. Concepts like first call resolution or intelligent automated diagnostics are in their DNA.

Newer companies are finding new ways to make customers happy. That’s why we think it’s time telco tried something new too.

At Support Robotics we think that delivering better customer support is going to need some real joined-up thinking.

Our platform creates a wrapper around existing systems and the user’s mobile device to provide enhanced integrated capabilities across channels. It’s quick to deploy, omni-channel by design and perfectly suited to a CX “digital overhaul”

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The Support Robotics customer care platform is designed for integration and is fully configurable to your processes


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