Customer experience innovation is often challenging for the Carrier, because of the many siloed systems that make-up their customer service infrastructure. The Support Robotics platform removes these barriers, with its light-touch integration framework and highly flexible workflow engine combining to give you the tools you need to quickly and easily innovate, test and optimize a wide range of customer journeys.

Use our tools to create and edit workflows without programming and publish them instantly across all supported channels. Incorporate a chatbot for a more intuitive initial journey selection before seamlessly handing-over to a more structured ‘wizard’ to guide the user through the process.

  • Unify previously siloed processes to simplify journeys
  • Eliminate or reduce copying and pasting between systems
  • Create and edit workflows, text and images without programming
  • Automatically serve variants to selected customers (or service agents) for A/B testing
  • Workflows are automatically served to all channels simultaneously
  • Modify, test and publish process updates in days, not months
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