Our Value


People increasingly prefer to use self-service ahead of other channels.

Using a carrier-branded customer care app, the user is guided through a simple series of tests to fix the most common problems.

Background tests can be initiated to investigate intermittent faults and at any time, the app can hand-over to an in-store assistant or call centre...

Mobile retailer

Ensure that your customer service agents are utilised in the optimum way by encouraging self-service, leveraging chatbots and using software robotics to automate troubleshooting.

As Support Robotics is integrated with your other systems, when a user visits a store or contacts a call-centre, agents already have full details of tests previously conducted, so no time is wasted.

Reverse logistics

Initiate repairs, trade-ins and other processes from the self-service app or the web portal and view test results, fault reports and other relevant information at all stages

Further improve efficiency by integrating with existing systems to improve efficiency and reduce errors - for example, automated stock-checking for self-service replacements or trade-ins.