With smartphone prices on the rise, the demand from users for trade-in, buy-back and lease-swap services is growing rapidly. The modern Carrier needs to be able to support these processes efficiently in its contact centers, and offer self-service capabilities to users who prefer that approach.

The Support Robotics platform was designed specifically to address these needs. With light-touch integration across the various systems employed in these processes, we are able to provide a simple and largely automated end-to-end journey for the agent or end-user.

  • Buy-back and new device sale integrated into a single unified journey
  • Automated device identification, testing and condition assessment for valuation
  • Automatic testing for common pitfalls, such as activation locks and erroneous IMEI numbers
  • Integration with online store for new/pre-owned stock and pricing
  • Logistics integration for RMA creation, shipping and status updates
  • Optimizes user experience to drive retention and sales
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