Unnecessary returns are estimated to cost the mobile industry over $5bn per year. With routers and set-top boxes, the cost to multi-play carriers is even higher. In many cases, product returns are requested out of frustration by end-users and accepted by customer service agents who simply don’t have the tools, time or skills to properly diagnose and resolve problems. Support Robotics is dedicated to solving these issues.

Our platform and apps combine to provide both next-generation returns avoidance using dozens of automated checks, and where a return is necessary, we provide the means to simplify and unify the returns process, making it up to 6x quicker and virtually eliminating common processing errors.

  • Reduces no-fault-found (NFF) returns with automated diagnostics and checks
  • Simplifies the returns process with integrated account, warranty and stock checks
  • Reduces the number of systems to be navigated, reducing time and copy/paste errors
  • Omnichannel design supports contact center, in-store and even self-service returns
  • Integrated with reverse logistics systems; device and testing history preserved
  • Reduce customer service waiting times in-store
Broken screen glass of a smartphone after falling on the ground


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