Onboarding & Data Transfer

The Support Robotics Platform provides simple tools for building, customizing and testing different onboarding workflows without coding. Designed for
ease of integration, it is able to draw on data from other BSS systems and from the user’s device, resulting in simple, automated processes, virtually eliminating processing errors and significantly reducing the time required of staff and customers.

Our companion app, CopyMyData, is one of the world’s most popular data transfer solutions, licensed by major OEMs and downloaded over 50 million
times. It makes the process of transferring user data between devices and across operating systems, simple, efficient and fast.

  • Device and service onboarding, simplified and unified
  • Supports self-service, via app or chatbot, and in-store onboarding
  • Dramatically reduces processing time and virtually eliminates processing errors
  • Easily transfer user data between iOS and Android devices with OEM approved app
  • Processes are easily customized without coding
  • Process variants can run in parallel for A/B testing and optimization
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