The Support Robotics Platform provides guided workflows or ‘wizards’ to help self-service customers or customer service agents to complete the necessary steps for to setup and configure their device, whether it’s a smartphone, a broadband modem/router, or a connected home appliance.

Unlike static guides, which simply provide the user with step-by-step instructions, our Support Robotics is an active system which will gather data from the device and other systems to reduce data entry and will perform tests along the way, ensuring that each step in the process has performed as intended. As well as making things quicker and simpler for the user, by automating most of the data entry, our software significantly reduces errors and in the case of contact centre agents, increases compliance.

When onboarding smartphones, our companion app, CopyMyData, is one of the world’s most popular data transfer solutions, licensed by major OEMs and downloaded over 50 million times. It makes the process of transferring user data between devices and across operating systems, simple, efficient and fast.

  • Device and service onboarding, simplified and unified
  • Supports both self-service and in-store onboarding
  • Dramatically reduces processing time and virtually eliminates processing errors
  • Easily transfer user data when switching between iOS and Android devices
  • Processes are easily customized without coding and support A/B testing
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