Fixed-line customer support has lagged behind the mobile sector for too long. With the Support Robotics platform and apps, your customer service agents will have the next-generation tools they need to drive NPS scores up and customer churn down.

Today’s customers increasingly prefer to self-serve where they can, and with its omnichannel design, the Support Robotics solution offers the same capabilities and intuitive support experience to the end-user, whether it be for troubleshooting or to guide them through customer care processes such as upgrades, returns or booking a home service visit (call-out), all from within your customer care app.

  • Next generation tools bring a much-needed upgrade to fixed-line customer support
  • Multi-skill your technical support workforce with a common platform and tools to support a wide range of connected devices, from mobiles to routers and set-top-boxes
  • Includes tools for remote troubleshooting and end-user self-service
  • Reduce the time and number of calls required to resolve common problems
  • Empower end-users to self-serve many processes from within your customer care app
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