The Support Robotics Platform performs automated troubleshooting of devices such as smartphones and broadband routers using diagnostic capabilities that we typically embed within the Telco customer care app. Our automated tests are able to check both hardware and software settings, interacting with the user as required.

Our troubleshooting wizard is available as a self-service capability for end users, accessed via app or chatbot, or it can be used by an in-store or contact center agent, via a secure wireless connection to the user’s device. The agent portal is intuitive and highly automated, enabling even non-technical staff to resolve the majority of common problems that users report.

  • Self-service troubleshooting, preferred by many users
  • Intuitive remote diagnostics tool for contact center agents
  • Automated technical support for in-store customer service staff
  • Resolves most common problems automatically
  • Supports returns avoidance goals, reducing NFF and improving NPS
  • Drives adoption of your customer care app and the additional services powered by the Support Robotics Platform
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