Key platform features

The Support Robotics Platform is hosted in the cloud to provide a cost-effective route to refreshing your customer service capabilities, without disruption to core systems. It is quick to deploy, multi-channel by design and perfectly suited to an agile program of CX transformation.

Workflow engine

Every client has their own ideas of how support procedures should flow. Support Robotics provides a powerful workflow editor to make customisation simple.

Advanced diagnostics

Allow a user or service agent to identify problems caused by user-error or hardware faults. Run tests in the background to resolve intermittent issues.

Reporting & analytics

Get actionable insights from data - Which devices and OS versions have the highest fault rates? What percentage of issues are resolved at each contact point?

Omni-channel delivery

Developed using web technologies, our application can be deployed on almost any device or web browser, allowing it to serve users and staff at every contact point.

White-label apps

Our mobile apps empower the user with intuitive self-service procedures. They can be branded as standalone apps, or embedded in your own customer care app.

Chatbot integration

Our chatbot can handle a wide range of customer requests. It helps to advise users with processes such as troubleshooting, trade-in and repair.