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Broadband support tools for ISPs

Simplify home network support with our Wi-Fi diagnostic app and web portal. We help ISPs deliver more self-service, better remote support, and faster resolutions

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    Wi-Fi diagnostic software that makes support services smoother

    Support Robotics gives Internet Service Providers everything their customers need to keep their home network operating at its best. Customers can effortlessly fix issues with their Wi-Fi, network setup, and more using our troubleshooting tools. And if they need more help, your agents can carry out remote Wi-Fi diagnostics via the customer’s smartphone.

    It’s a totally smooth experience, delivered through a Wi-Fi diagnostic app and web portal that are easy to deploy and use.

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      What ISPs get with Support Robotics

      Smart self-service troubleshooting

      Many ISP customers would rather self-serve if it’s easier than calling a support agent or going in-store. Help them do more themselves with our Wi-Fi diagnostic app.
      • Automated Wi-Fi diagnostics – Our app checks settings and fixes most common issues, even intermittent ones
      • Troubleshooting around the home – The app helps identify problems with home routers, Wi-Fi extenders, and smart home devices
      • Frictionless handover – If customers need more help, the app passes them to an agent, along with any Wi-Fi diagnostic data from self-service tests
      ISP broadband support app in action

      Direct remote support via smartphone

      Why waste time and money sending out an engineer? Give customers fast, remote support that’s as good as a home visit.
      • Remote connectivity – By accessing a customer’s home network device through their smartphone, agents can offer support – even when broadband is down
      • Media sharing – Agents can use the mobile camera to see what the user sees, enabling more efficient wireless router troubleshooting
      • Easy system integration – Log self-service activity directly into the agent’s CRM or ITSM
      View of ISP Wi-Fi diagnostics tool features

      Interactive onboarding

      Even non-technical customers can get their home network up and running in no time with our software.
      • Intelligent wizards – Our wizards guide customers through the onboarding process step by step, performing tests and fixing issues at each stage
      • Camera setup – Customers can set up their router just by scanning the label with their phone’s built-in camera
      View of support app connecting to ISP agents

      Why providers choose our support tools

      Mobile app-based Wi-Fi diagnostics make trouble-shooting easy for customers and agents

      Visual tools enable remote support that’s as good as a site visit

      Fast time to value - deploy standalone or within your customer care app

      Discover what better broadband support looks like

      See our Wi-Fi diagnostics app in action. Get in touch to arrange a free demo of our broadband support tools.
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